Android is super hot right now and the popularity of the OS is showing no signs of letting up. Android is overtaking other OS and some of the OS’ that it is overtaking in growth have been around for a long time.

At the same time that Android is growing, RIM is seeing its share of the OS market decline. The iPhone is still growing, but Android is keeping up. The results of a survey from comScore were offered up recently and the survey found that Android is still in third place in the chart of the top OS, but the subscriber base for Android grew 6.5%. At the same time subscribers for RIM devices shrunk 3.5%.

The survey also showed that Microsoft and Palm were losing share as well. The growth rates were gleaned from a survey of 30,000 mobile phone users by comScore. If the growth continues Android is expected to end up in second place globally right behind Symbian from Nokia.

Via TMCnet