Putting up multiple speakers in various parts of your home (or even room) can be quite an expensive dream. With brands like Sonos offering high quality speakers but also at high quality price, is there room for competitors that can offer both quality and save users a few bucks? SuperTooth is hoping that the answer to that is yes as they unveil their newest offering at CES 2015.

Simply called the Multiroom System, SuperTooth offers users three zones and a maximum of five speakers using Bluetooth connection as well as its own proprietary radio connection. And instead of streaming through whatever music provider you use on your smartphone or tablet, it simply pipes in the audio directly from your device to the speakers. This offers flexibility for your music listening pleasure as you are not tied down to just streaming from services, it just pushes the audio out to the speakers, kind of like how the wired speakers functioned before.


However, there are also limitations to this system. You can only use a maximum of five speakers so if you have a bigger home and you feel the need to blast music all over, you would probably have to buy another system for it. The companion app is also a bit basic, but functional enough to control both individual speakers and the entire system as a group.

But the major selling point of SuperTouch’s Multiroom System is its price. For just $299, you get a three speaker set and for $480, you get the entire five speaker system. Compare it to rival Sono’s ecosystem at $200 with just a single zone, then it’s already a great deal. It is expected to go on sale by the second quarter of this year.

VIA: SlashGear


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