Whilst unboxing this lovely device, the word “Super” made my hands chop through the cardboard UPS box so fast I didn’t get the chance to film it, but trust me, it was epic. Luckily I did have my camera at attention when the plastic box was unveiled, trustily we’ve got an unboxing of the bits you’ll be getting your hands on. What this device consists of is a handheld speaker with a few simple controls, magnets at its back so that it can connect to your clamp for your car, miniUSB cord, car charger, and a quick-start guide. SuperTooth HD in the house – Bluetooth communication with our phones for simple voice commands and audio output ho!

This device is one we first got a chance to peek at back during CTIA 2011 in Orlando Florida. The fine folks displaying the device found it in their hearts to work with us to take a longer look at it now, here, in the comfort of your humble narrator’s own car and desk. What I’m going to do here is test this amazing little device out for a few days and get back to out on how slick (or terrible!) it really is. Meanwhile you’ll have the dramatic and amazing unboxing and hands-on video to keep you satisfied.

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This is a Bluetooth device, connecting to whatever other Bluetooth device you’d like to work with it with. In our case, of course, we’ll be using some Android devices. In your case, you’ll also probably want to use some Android devices but you’ve got the whole world as your oyster as well. Want to use one of those fashionable fruit phones? That’ll work. Want to use one of those Fenster Phones? Those work too I bet. Want to connect your laptop to this device? Whoa, now we’re getting sort of advanced beyond all measure. Stop in your tracks!

Have a look below and above and get yourself prepared for an object of some oddity and excellent industrial design brandsmanship. Also feel free to check out the “About” from the company below the gallery. Very informative, very informative indeed!

SuperTooth is headquartered in Nébias, France. In 2004, SuperTooth created the concept of a Bluetooth speakerphone that could be clipped onto a car’s sun visor. Today it is the bestselling speakerphone brand in Europe and growing its dominance in the United States.

“At that time we just could not imagine that this small device would be known and used by million people worldwide 7 years later. This is what we call a success story,” says SuperTooth CEO Michel Marchant.

SuperTooth has developed a presence in more than 35 countries, reached 46 million USD turnover in 2009, and has sold 5 million units since the brand was created – including 1 million SuperTooth speakerphones sold in 2009 (50% Europe, 50% ROW).

This success story is due to a special business model. Contrary to competitors, who are the biggest named “manufacturers” of mobile phone accessories who subcontract manufacturing, SuperTooth is the only manufacturer of speakerphones owning its own factory and handling R&D, design, molding, production, and packaging in-house. The factory is located in the Philippines, employing 50 people at R&D / Engineering department, and 700 people in manufacturing. The production capacity of SuperTooth is 200,000 pcs / month.

The quality and reliability of SuperTooth products are recognized by both retail buyers and the general public. In Europe, the products are ranged at main operators, telecom specialists, multi-specialists, car retail network, and the retail sector. SuperTooth continues to be a leading manufacturer of speakerphones, reaching 70% market share in Europe, while also expanding its product line-up to cater to the needs of the most demanding mobile phone users.