If some of you are not familiar with SuperSU, that’s probably because you haven’t gotten around to gaining root access to your device. Most of the users who root their phones will know about SuperSU (and enjoy the naming redundancy) – an app that allows you some management and control as to which apps and aspects of your device will be granted root access.

Chainfire, developers of the app, have been toying around with betas for a while now, but has finally released version 2.13, with a nod to preparing for Google’s big and anticipated Android L release which coming pretty soon. Chainfire says that a lot of work has gone into making SuperSU work with the curren AOSP builds and ROMs you’ll find out there – hinting that these might be the same security features that could turn up in the first Android L release.

So what’s new in this version? Well, first up – and majorly – there might be a chance that supers will work with the Nexus devices that will carry Android L out of the box. Slim chance, but just maybe. This version of SuperSU now comes with architecture specific binaries for ARMv5, ARMv7, ARMv8, Intel x86 and x64. You might notice that there’s support for 64-bit already, but they have not been tested on working products yet.

You want to give this one a try? Check out the download link of the flashable ZIP via Chainfire here. The developers also said that apart from the normal download via Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store will also start carrying SuperSU.

SOURCE: Chainfire on Google+