I have never envisioned myself as a manager at a grocery store, but a new game that was popular on other platforms is now on Android that puts you in the shoes of a manager at a supermarket. The game is called Supermarket Management and it puts the player in the shoes of Kate who lands a job at a supermakret after impressing the chain CEO.

The game lets the player fill the counters with products and provide shopping carts. You also have to direct the customers to the products and collect the money at checkout. The goal is to earn credit coins for having satisfied shoppers and earning profits. Those coins can then be traded to purchase upgrades and hire assistants.

Other coins can be purchased in the game. You will be able to but the app on the Android Market on August 11. It has four different shops and 49 levels of game play. There are also nine mini-games that the player must face.

[via Gamasutra]