Android enthusiasts tend to be pretty tech-savvy as a rule, at least by the standards of Aunt Rita and the rest of the population. But those with the real know-how that make rooting, flashing and other sundry modifications easy deserve some real props. Such is the case with Paul “Modaco” O’Brein. The second revision of his Superboot tool for rooting the Galaxy Nexus makes it even easier to get your superuser on, and it works with all major desktop platforms.

Windows users need only extract the Superboot ZIP file, put the Galaxy Nexus into bootloader mode, then connect it via a USB cord and double-click the BAT file. For OS X and Linux it’s a little more complicated with some necessary terminal commands, but even so it’s only one more step, and you can find full instructions on the MoDaCo forums.

The root method will only work with phones which have already been unlocked at the bootloader level, though naturally instructions for this are also included. It goes without saying that this is for the international HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus, and may not work if Verizon ever decides to get off of their collective bums and release the LTE version already. Of course, you can kiss your warrantee goodby after applying the root, but something tells me that if you’re a Nexus owner who’s reading this, it wasn’t long for this world anyway.

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