If you’ve been annoyed at how your friends who are on iOS keep bragging about the fact that they have Super Mario Run, then that is about to end. Nintendo of America has made the official announcement that the game is finally coming to your Android device. You still have a few more days as it officially arrives March 23 but you can still pre-register for it so you’ll be one of the first ones to have it on your phone.

For anyone who grew up playing console games, Super Mario is a part of your childhood and is now a source of nostalgia for most of us. That’s why any variation of the game is always a big deal for mobile gamers. This particular game, Super Mario Run, is fun and addictive and can be played in just one hand. Well, that’s what we’ve been told since the game has only been available for iOS devices since late last year. The pre-registration page on Google Play Store has also been up since then but at least now we have a specific date.

The reason why it took them so long to bring the game to Android is because of piracy concerns, which is a huge problem for developers on the platform. But now that they’ve dealt with that issue, at least for this particular game, mobile gamers will be getting Version 2.0.0 of Super Mario Run. With this you will be able to unlock Worlds 1-4 in the free version by completing a challenge. You will also now be able to play as new characters, instead of just Mario.

You can still pre-register for Super Mario Run on its Google Play page. The game officially arrives March 23 so you just have to wait a couple more days before you can start playing the much-awaited game.

SOURCE: Nintendo