It’s that time of year again folks. Super Bowl time! Or as many are calling it lately, the Harbowl. Two of the best NFL teams from around the league gather for the ultimate battle. For those looking for Android apps, games, live wallpapers, movies, music and more to get prepared for Bowl Sunday the folks from Google have you covered.

If you’ve been watching ESPN and NFL Network all week like I have you know it’s time to put the allegations away and get to gametime. If you were wondering what some amazing Android apps were that could help you enjoy the big game, we have you covered. Our good friends at Google posted an “Endzone Essentials” post getting everyone in the Android world prepared for the big game.

If you were looking for apps, games, live wallpapers, inspirational football movies, or even music (like Beyonce lip syncing for halftime) then Google and their Play Store absolutely has anything and everything you’ll need. To get started on their awesome list and promotional Super Bowl deals you’ll want to click here.

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From the official NFL 2012 App, NFL Team live wallpapers, awesome movies such as The Longest Yard and more have all been gathered in one neat and easy to find place for football fans. What’s even better is most of them have been lowered to free, or discounted for the big game. Google’s even rounded up classic music, and even a Recipes app to help you make an amazing Avocado dip for friends and family who are coming over to cheer along side you.

It’s a pretty decent little collection, so thanks Google. We want to take this moment to ask what everyone’s predictions for the final score and 2012 NFL Super Bowl Champions will be. I’m going on a limb and will say the final score will be 27-28 with the 49ers taking home the Trophy. Oh and the first points scored will be a defensive touchdown. Good luck and enjoy the game guys!

[via @GooglePlay]