Schedulers and calendar apps are very useful. No doubt millions of people have accomplished numerous tasks, projects, and missions because they were reminded of events and to-do’s by those apps. Sunrise is one of those groups bringing solutions when it comes to scheduling events and keeping tracking of them with the Sunrise Calendar app.

Earlier this month, Sunrise added TV shows to its “interesting calendars” section. This time, a new app called Meet has just been released to allow faster scheduling of one-to-one meetings. According to Sunrise developers, they spent more than one year trying to develop a solution to shorten time when scheduling meetings. It’s one calendar activity that’s basically boring but is done regularly and there is certainly a better, more efficient, and faster way to do it.

Meet Keyboard for Android

Meet is actually a new keyboard app for Android. It’s not another version of Sunrise Calendar but a totally different app. Meet is described as “the fastest way to schedule a one-to-one”. It allows you to just select available time slots in your calendar. No need to leave the app to check you calendar because information is a single tap away. You can save a few seconds or minutes by not switching or leaving the app because the keyboard app will show you what time slot is still available.

Finally, a way to easily insert time and information. To set a schedule, open Meet keyboard from any app, pick the time you want, enter the place, and then send the Meet link with one tap. The other person doesn’t have to be a Sunrise user to receive the link. If you happen to receive a Meet invite, just click on the link and choose the time best for you. Event is then created and added in both calendars (yours and the sender) complete with other details like venue or agenda if included.

SOURCE: Sunrise


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