If you’ve ever used SugarSync you’ll know it’s one of the easiest ways to automatically add pictures, or files to your PC from your Android device all wirelessly. Being completely free I’ve used it plenty in the past and today it got a whole lot better. They’ve just announced AutoSync, now offering the same free syncing capability for videos too.

No more searching for a USB cable or removing the micro-SD card to add pictures or videos from your Android device to the computer. You can do everything completely hassle and wire-free using SugarSync. Once you download and get all the settings and set up finished the rest is completely automatic and requires no action from the user.

SugarSync is calling this a “zero-step” process for getting pictures and video on your computer. When you capture video it will detect and upload the video to the cloud (in the background) then transfer your movies right to your PC. SugarSync knows that tiered mobile plans are also an issue and will not sync videos over 3G/4G and instead will wait for a WiFi connection to start the process — with no interaction from the user. Even if you have pictures set to sync over 3G it knows to wait for WiFi with large video files.

I’ve used this a bit in the past but Google+ was doing most of this for me, but not video. And now with AutoSync for video I’ll be using this plenty in the future. I have a feeling this could come in handy for those special or urgent moments. For those looking for an extremely quick, easy, and hassle-free way to get all their content right to their PC look no further than SugarSync — update available now. Check out AirDroid too if you haven’t already.

SugarSync Market Link