As the unveiling of LG’s new flagship crawls ever nearer (that’s on April 28 for you LG fans out there), we are seeing new information on what we might expect from the new LG G4. A new teaser video has come out and it highlight’s the new devices camera – specifically the manual options available.


The video shows us the capabilities of the LG G4’s 16-megapixel camera. The video talks up the wide f/1.8 lens and professional-level manual controls that will be featured in the G4’s camera module. We’re taken through the features by Colby Brown, a full-time photographer. “Even a small difference of a f/0.1 aperture becomes incredibly important,” Brown says. Then we’re shown stunning pics achieved in low-light conditions. Take a peek at the video below before we go on.

Brown also shows us that the G4 will hold its own against devices in terms of superior color accuracy. Of course, we’re then shown vibrant and colorful images (see gallery below) claimed to be taken from the G4. Make no mistake about it, LG is appealing to semi-professional and even professional users – the camera will not be just your smartphone point-and-shoot. ISO controls, shutter speed, white balance controls – these will all be in the G4.

So come April 28, we will be looking at what the G4 will really be like. It’s notable that the video avoided full on shots of the device itself. So we’re not really quite sure if it will take on the rumored curved form factor or a flat-faced screen. Are you excited yet?

SOURCE: LG Mobile Global