studystorm app for android

Students and even teachers nowadays are lucky because of all the resources and technology available to them. There’s the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, websites, social media, and their computers, smartphones, and tablets to use for studying and work. I am part of the generation where bringing laptops was still considered a luxury and there was no WiFi anywhere. Smartphones then were equipped with VGA cameras and the bulkier the desktop system was, the more powerful it was.

These days, there are mobile apps available for download that can help anyone do anything, anytime, and anywhere. There’s an app for almost everything. For those still in the academe, the students especially, can benefit from the Studystorm. It’s a special app that aims to help students to get better grades.

How? The app offers access to more than 5,300 HD videos that cover almost every topic. The video library is comprehensive and covers various topics in 21 subjects. Resources on AP, SAT, and ACT tests are even included. Specifically in Mathematics, the following subjects are covered: Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and AP Calculus.

In Science, you can get help on Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In English, there are loads of resources on Literature, Writing, and Grammar. College Admissions Counseling resources can also be found covering topics on College Applications, Financial Aid, High School, Grades, and Extracurriculars.

Videos are in HD quality. They aim to explain to the students in an easier manner the things they could probably not understand in school. Teachers in the videos are experts in the fields and have many years of teaching experience. Most of them haves masters degrees or Ph.Ds. According to the app’s developer Brightstorm, the teachers are not boring.

These videos are expected to help students save time in studying. With frequent study and careful understanding, students can really get better grades next time. Help is available for every topic so you have no more reason to fail your subjects.

App is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

Download Studystorm – Get Better Grades from the Google Play Store