Do you use Google+? How about Twitter? While the userbase may not overlap all the time, a new study shows the overall numbers might be about the same. According to the study, the number of Google+ users is nearly identical to that of Twitter. The study also shows engagement on Google’s social site is much better for advertisers, but there are many holes in the story, here.

We’ll start with the metrics, where Forrester notes they polled 60,000 adults in the US, asking which site they spent the most time on. A healthy 22% said they visited Google+ monthly, which is the same percentage as Twitter, and more than LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Comparing percentages on such a small base poll doesn’t tell the whole story, though they reach to do so.

To skew the numbers a bit more, Forrester studied “more than 3 million user interactions with more than 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks”. They found that while Facebook reigned supreme, Google+ was second with .069%, and just a tick behind Facebook at .073%. Twitter? They were a distant third with .035%.

In hashing this all out, that’s 60,000 people polled who say they use both Google+ and Twitter evenly. Then we have three million interactions on 2,500 posts, where we see that Google+ entices more engagement. Again, a small percentage of users, and likely not much more to it than Forrester seeing their clients doing well. We also aren’t informed on just what “interaction” is, and that can be taken a number of ways.

We don’t think these represent an accurate number in a macro sense, but you tell us what you think. Do you interact more with brands on Google+, or Twitter? We’re not sure Twitter’s layout lends itself to interaction for brands as much as Google+ does, but we also think there are more Twitter users than Google+ fans.

Via: Social News Daily