Crescent Moon Games has rolled out a new game for Android users that focuses on space battles called Strike Wing: Raptor Rising. Strike Wing is described as a space-fighting simulator and in the game players will be flying ships in deep space looking for answers to what happened during something called the Sirius incident.

The Sirius incident in the game is a major friendly fire incident and players play as a part of a black ops team searching for the truth. Two control options are available in the game with the ability to use the gyroscope for tilt controls, an on-screen d-pad is also available for controlling the spacecraft.


Players can choose to play with a cockpit view or a third person perspective. Graphics were a focus for the game and look good in screenshots and video. Players can enjoy the game on Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher. The game has a story mode, challenge mode, and a number of ships to fly.

Strike Wing can be downloaded and the first level played free, the full game will cost $3.99. When you purchase the full game all missions, ships, and challenges are included. There are 42 achievements to win in the game.

SOURCE: DroidGamers