While music streaming services have been growing in popularity the past few months, there are still some who prefer to play their own music from their own devices. But sometimes, there isn’t enough space on your smartphone or tablet, and you have to limit the songs you’ve saved on your device. The updated Xbox Music app, soon to be rebranded into Groove, now allows you to stream songs that are saved on your OneDrive cloud storage app, and at no extra cost.

This feature has actually been available for Windows users who use Xbox Music since the beginning of the year but now, Android users can join in the fun. If you have mp3s saved on your OneDrive, you will now be able to stream it through Xbox Music. You can also download it for offline listening, although that would again defeat the purpose of saving space on your device’s hard drive. So if you want to access all the music you own, just upload them on Window’s cloud storage and listen whenever you want, as long as you have Internet, and without any fee.

Xbox Music will actually be rebranded into Groove in time for the launch of Windows 10. This is to actually separate the music service from the gaming brand connection, which has confused users from some time now. The rebranding will start with the desktop version and then eventually trickle over to the mobile platforms.

If you still want to subscribe to the Xbox Music Pass (which will eventually become Groove Music Pass) service and stream music from their extensive library, you can still do so by paying $9.99 every month, just like most of the other music streaming services. Otherwise, you can just download the updated Xbox Music app from the Google Play Store to be able to stream your music from OneDrive.

VIA: SlashGear