For those who aren’t into “serious” mobile gaming, the idea of streaming your game live to other people while you’re playing it may seem strange. But those who are into that sort of thing know how fun and even useful it can be. Sites like Twitch have been all over that community, becoming available on more and more platforms. Now Sony is partnering with them to enable Xperia Z3+, Z4, Z4v, and Z4 tablet owners to live stream their games to the Twitch network through the Live screen streaming app.

Basically, what the app does is allow you to broadcast anything that’s happening on your screen at that moment. While mostly it is gamers who are doing this, you can also use the live screen streaming app for other things, like demo-ing an app, showing off a new trick you’ve learned on your smartphone, etc. But of course you will not be allowed to broadcast “inappropriate content or infringe on copyright”, so maybe you should just stick to streaming games while you’re playing.

Twitch has almost 35 million installs in its mobile viewing app, and partnering with Sony will enhance even more the mobile game experience for a lot of users who are using the flagship handsets of the OEM. Streaming is just the first step; interacting with the whole, wide world of the gaming community is another way of learning more about your favorite games and meeting people who share your interests and helping each other out.

The live screen streaming app is powered by YouTube and Switch and provided by Sony. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. It may not work in countries where YouTube and/or Switch aren’t available.