Stray Boots is a strange app that started out as a basic SMS application. The point of the application was to offer users a city tour experience with the gaming aspect to it. The way the app worked was that players could answer questions about various establishments near their location like some sort of trivia game.

The questions in the original service were sent to users in the form of a text message. The app isn’t exactly cheap with each game reportedly costing $12. The company has been changing things up of late with the launch of traditional smartphone applications. The company first bought the application to the iPhone and other Apple devices and has announced this week that it is now available for Android.

The company says that users are having a much better experience with the new apps as opposed to basic SMS experiences. In fact, the company says that the new apps are so much better for users that it may phase out its SMS altogether. The company says the significantly higher ratings in the App Store for the new app on the iPhone has signaled that simplicity is no substitute for features.

The company also reports that 93% of people who use both the native app and SMS versions of Stray Boots say that they prefer the app experience. For now, the number of tours available on the Android app is rather light with tours available in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Chicago. The company says more tours are being added all the time.

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