Straight Talk is an MVNO carrier that offers SIM cards for AT&T and T-Mobile. Basically, they allow the user to buy a SIM card and then get service on an unlocked smartphone. The service has been simple to get, and simple to setup, but in the past Straight Talk was lacking one item — the nano SIM. Well, that no longer applies.

Effective immediately you can buy a nano SIM from Straight Talk. Similar to the other sized SIM cards, they have the nano-sized available for AT&T or T-Mobile. The card itself is $6.99, and that can then be used to get service. Straight Talk offers plans from $45 per month which includes unlimited minutes and messages with 2.5GB of high speed data.

Bottom line here, those looking towards Straight Talk no longer need to get a micro SIM and cut it down. While a fairly simple process, there was always the potential to destroy that $7 SIM card before you even got to use it. Those considering Straight Talk for the first time will simply need to buy a SIM — choosing the appropriate size and carrier.

As for us, we’ve been using an AT&T Straight Talk SIM here in Florida for several months without issue. The SIM has bounced between several devices without issue, beginning in the Nexus 5 then heading to a Korean model LG G Flex and currently sitting on our wrist in the Omate TrueSmart.