The LG V30 phablet isn’t even available in the market yet, so consider this as an evidence of JerryRigEverything’s influence. Yes, our favorite stress test guy has got his hands on an LG V30 early, and has given us a 10-minute video to show what’s inside the new phablet.

Just to be clear, this teardown video was sponsored by LG, so we understand how the guy got his hands on a V30 early. The phone has gotten warm reviews from all around, and has a reputation of being a “no frills” kind of phone – everything you want in a flagship phone without any gimmicks or tricks. Check out the video below.

The tester just went with a teardown this time, no bend and stress test yet for the LG V30. The phone was pretty easy to get into, even if the phone is waterproof. The notable parts include the high tech camera sensor – including a 10-bit HDR image sensor that should improve colors of images and video dramatically. There’s also the earpiece speaker that can double as a microphone when recording audio above 100 decibels, so your concert video recording should have better audio.

So far, it looks like the phone is easily repairable if and when the need arises, with the correct set of tools, of course. We’re interested in the bend and stress test that should be forthcoming soon.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything


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