Get your shovels out! Droid 2 Global, arriving at customers doors early already, has also already been Bootstrapped and Rooted. Of course, this is all done with same or similar methods already found out there in the wild, methods used before, tried and true. A user by the name of Brandon emailed in a tip to DroidLife with the message that the “on phone” method presented back here on Droid Forums works just fine.

Another method you new Droid 2 Global users might try is the XDA presented SuperOneClick method if you’re into their sort of tutorials – tutorials loved by the world over! I must warn you though, as I and we are apt to do, to be careful in doing any of this hacking, as it could brick your brand new phone, and I’m sure that’s the last thing you want in this world of just-deliveredness.

[Via DroidLife]