It might not be the sexiest sport in the world, but cricket does have its passionate fans out there who would truly enjoy having a mobile game version they could play, and a sequel at that. Stick Cricket is back with its second version, which brings new features, a brand new (and improved) look, more tournaments, and more chances of becoming the best player in the club cricket circuit (try saying that fast twenty times).

Stick Cricket 2 is the sequel to probably the most popular cricket-based mobile game. You now have 24 stadiums, 22 teams and over 90 challenges to choose from as you try to launch your career in this competitive world. Not only that, you get to represent your country, which is the most prestigious level you can get to in cricket, as you face the best bowlers in the world.

This new version also has new level types like Six Derby, Last Man Standing, No Dots, Survival, Time Attack and Consecutive Boundaries. There are also a lot of new gear to choose from, including bats, gloves, and shoes. Each has its own abilities or bonuses to improve your performance. And if you really want to distract your opponent, you can even don one of the ten novelty costumes available.

Stick Cricket 2 is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases so be careful with setting your permissions if you don’t want to buy more than what you’re willing to spend on a game like this.