Steve Wozniak needs no introduction as the co-founder of Apple, and recently our sister site SlashGear had a moment to quickly interview “the Woz”. There’s no denying his genius, and we’ve covered many comments from Wozniak in the past. While talking about cars at a Ford conference in Michigan, Google Glass, Google Now, Samsung S-Beam and even Apple’s Airdrop all came up. It’s an interesting interview and we had a few snippets we wanted to share.

The Ford Trend conference was mainly aimed at their cars, and the next generation of connected cars as we head into the future. SlashGear talks in detail about FORD, and had a lot of questions for Wozniak regarding safe driving. The idea of touchscreens being unsafe is obviously a big one, and that’s where options such as Google Glass came into the discussion.

The Woz likes Google Glass, but ultimately still thinks it would be a distraction to drivers. And we’d have to agree. He goes on to talk about how it’s safer than an in-dash display and that Google Glass is “like a heads-up display” that’s in the driver’s line-of-sight. He then brings up Google Now, and it sounds like he’s quite the fan. Obviously the conference is aimed at driving, and he likes the idea of Google Now being aware of your location, your recent searches, and even where you’re headed.


With Google Now being able to know if you’re headed home from work or not, and having Google voice recognition being able to simply say “See Iron-Man 3” and instantly getting driving directions to the nearest theater is ideal. Rather than having to find the nearest location, tap a display while driving, and other unsafe practices we all do daily.

Overall the entire article over at SlashGear is a good read, as it all relates to technology in general, and inside vehicles. He even takes a few jabs at Apple here and there. Check out the video interview below.

When asked about iOS 7 he really didn’t have much to say. However he did talk about how pretty the UI was, but mentioned how uniform it all may or may not be. While we can’t really take words out of his mouth, or look into comments too much, he did state that Apple doesn’t do everything best. As an example he mentions AirDrop, the new sharing feature in iOS 7. Then quickly compares this to NFC sharing using “Samsung bump” which you all know is S-Beam, or Android Beam.

I don’t necessarily think Apple does everything the best.”

Essentially, Wozniak says, “the fewer steps involved, the better.” And this can relate to anything, not just driving. Whether you’re looking for a nearby theater while driving, trying to check weather alerts on your phone, and more. Less is obviously better. Google surely is headed in the right direction with Glass and Now if you ask us, but this is only the beginning.

Again, the interview touches on iOS 7, the new Mac Pro, and many other subjects so head to the link below for more details and a good read.

VIA: SlashGear


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