If you’ve ever wondered if you can survive being in the Super Mario game, then you now will find out, at least step-wise. No, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that we finally have a Super Mario smartphone game. What we now have is an app for your Pebble smartwatch which is basically a step counter but will also double as an app that will tell you how far you are into the intricate world of our favorite princess-rescuing and mushroom-eating plumber.

Steps with Mario is a new app for those who own Pebble devices and are fond of looking at their step counter of choice every day to see how far they have walked. But you now get to add to the fun by seeing your distance traveled if you were actually living inside the world of Super Mario, but minus Bowser and his minions. It will show you how much distance you’ve traveled in a day through a screenshot from the classic Nintendo game. It will also show your progress over a period of time by showing images of which level you would be right now.

While you do not have an actual princess to rescue of course, the more you walk, the more you can theoretically complete the game. Mental Floss actually previously computed how far Mario would have had to walk and swim before reaching the princess and it came out he had to go 3.4 miles from starting point to the final castle. So once you reach that milestone, you get the final screen and it will just reset to level 1-1 the next day.


You can download Steps with Mario for free from the Pebble store. Of course, it is only available for Pebble smartwatches, but who knows, someone might make a version for Android Wear soon.

VIA: Mental Floss