Stellar Escape is a new and exciting game that was just released for Android. If you haven’t got it already I recommend you getting it now via the Android Market. Stellar Escape is a runner game based on the exciting new Unity 3D Graphics Engine. This is a game with stellar graphics where you are running for your life.

If you have ever played the popular flash based game called Canabalt I recommend you try it. Stellar Escape is similar to Canabalt but smoother, better graphics, and more engaging of a game. It is actually a lot of fun. The developers have also released a free trial version and have committed to adding more fun and exciting levels soon.

I played it for a good 30 minutes today while waiting in the doctors office, while it’s no Call of Duty, it is a fun game that is worth the price and will most definitely help you pass the time. Go ahead and give it a go on your Android phone today. The levels get harder as you go, so be careful, and don’t play through it to fast as you might get addicted. More levels will be coming soon, and so will a review of the game from us here at AC also.

I’d like to also mention this is the first game to be released by Orange Agenda but they plan to bring many top quality games to Android in the coming months. Hopefully we see more and more with the great graphics that the Unity 3D engine can provide. Unity has worked with partners such as Nvidia, and Qualcomm so we can expect smooth, and very well running games on all of our favorite Android phones and tablets like my Motorola Xoom.

[via Orange Agenda]