There are a lot of mobile and VR gamers out there who need a little extra help when playing their favorite titles since not all of them are meant just for the touch screen of smartphones. There are several controllers out there that you can use with your mobile devices, VR devices, and even your laptops and PCs. One of the newer controllers that you can check out is from SteelSeries and it’s called Status Duo. It is designed for mobile platforms as well as Oculus Go, Samsung Gear, and if you’re “old school”, your computer.

The Stratus Duo is a full-sized Bluetooth 2.4GHz wireless controller that sports a new trigger design. This includes the Magnetic Hall Effect sensors that will make your gaming experience better since it can bring you more precise and consistent triggers. As some games like the ubiquitous Fortnite require a bit more precise controls than touchscreens can offer, this is a pretty useful tool to have if you’re really serious in your mobile gaming.

The device also has analog joysticks that bring you smoother movements and can also minimize your dead zones. Because it uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, as well as both Bluetooth and wired connectivity, you can use it with your PC if your keyboard isn’t enough to play your games. You can just use it directly without having to install any software or having any other devices to attach it to your computer.

The Stratus Duo also has support for Steam Link and Steam Big Picture Mode so you can use it in any of the Steam games that support controllers. It is now available in the market for $59.99 and they will also soon release an optional SmartGrip for an additional $9.99.

VIA: SlashGear


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