It seems as soon as the one new application hits the Android Market, the floodgates are opened and more quickly follow. Opera just recently launched their very famous Brower for Android and now we are seeing other companies release their browsers as well. Steel is the latest to give us more options when it comes to browsing the Internet on our T-Mobile G1.

Kolbysoft’s Steel is based off WebKit just as the G1’s browser and iPhone’s Safari. Eventually Steel will have plenty of great features including multiple windows, downloads, configurations, clear application history and cache and an on-screen keyboard. Yes you read it right, an on-screen keyboard will be added.

This come from behind browser is still in the early stages so don’t expect it to outshine Opera anytime soon, but definitely give it a spin. For those who cannot live without an on-screen keyboard, this just may be the browser for you as there has been no word on keyboards in other browsers at this time. We are certainly happy to see very useful applications come to the Android Market rather than another version of the tip calculator.