Steam is popular for being an effective digital distribution platform for thousands of games today. If you want to download a new game, head on to Steam and see if it’s available for any of your gaming console. The platform isn’t easily accessible on Android yet but there are efforts to run it on mobile. There’s already the Steam Link app for Android but is still on beta. A Steam Video app will be ready as well and this: Steam Chat. The new mobile app offers a new chat experience for Steam users whether on Android or iOS.

This is a modern version of Steam chat that you can experience even when mobile. If you’re familiar with the Steam Client desktop chat, it is similar in many ways. Key features are available like Friends List, Invite Links, Rich Chat, Customizable Notifications, and Group Chats.

Group Chats is a special feature because it is a place where everyone can discuss many things. Plan game night or simply get in touch with other friends within the gaming community. Feel free to add new friends with the Invite Links setting. You will see who are online or are playing games on your Friends List.

Rich Chat is also available so you can view more messages, links, GIFs, Steam emoticons, videos, and tweets among others. Feel free to set alerts with the Customizable Notifications so you won’t miss any game invite or message. Set notifications per chat channel, group chat, or friend.

Download Steam Chat directly from the Google Play Store. The Steam community is provided with this new mobile app. More improvements are already lined up including voice chat.

Steam Chat is a separate app from the Steam Mobile app. You may notice some similarities but the newer version is definitely an upgrade. Mobile security is given more focus now so don’t be surprised if you notice a better app navigation, one-touch login, and QR codes in the near future.


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