A new app has landed on Google Play that promises to make your lock screen much more useful. The app is called Staytuned Smart Lock Screen and it gives you access to certain important apps on your device without having to unlock.

The Staytuned smart user interface gives access to apps based on your environment and previous behavior. Access to apps are offered on the lock screen and on a sidebar. The app also gives insight into how much you use your phone and what apps you use most.

Staytuned offers access to the right apps based on what you used before. It offers smart suggestions to suggest when to use apps that are already on your device. The app supports various security features include a pin code entry.

Users who aren’t fans of pin codes can also use a pattern entry lock. Staytuned offers customizable wallpapers and now comes with a tutorial video to show you how to use the app. Staytuned is 18MB in size and requires Android 3.2 or higher to operate. Check out the video for more details on Staytuned.

SOURCE: Google Play