If you don’t want to flood your friends’ Facebook or Twitter timelines with inconsequential updates like “at home” or “driving” or “out of town” but you would actually like them to know it, then there’s a separate app for that. Status – auto status updates somewhat simplifies the process and does that for you.

The app works even without you manually updating it. Using motion sensors and the locations you set for home, office, school, etc, it will then work in the background and let your friends or family members where you are or what you’re doing. Some of the status available include “out and about”, “low battery”, “driving”, “in a meeting” and many more. But lest you think that this will broadcast it to the whole world, you can choose which people you’d like to see your status or activity. So, don’t worry, stalkers cannot see your location or what you’re up to.

An update to the app brings you some polling questions, like asking you if you want to know what your partner or best friend is doing, etc. You can even now favorite your contacts so that they will be prioritized when you view your timeline. You can even call contacts from within the app.

While this is a pretty nifty app, especially if you don’t want your friends to disturb you when you’re busy or when you’re too lazy to update your family members where you are, it will only work if your contacts or friends are actually using the app. And given how many social networks most of them are already on, it will take some convincing powers to get them here. But you can still give it a try (and tell them to give it a try to) and download Status from the Google Play Store for free.