State Farm has had their Pocket Agent app available in the Google Play Store, however it looks like they have since launched another app. This new app is called RightLane and for the moment, it is clearly listed as being a beta. That said, State Farm is looking for beta testers for what they are describing as a new driving app that will collect information based on your driving habits.

Those willing to move forward will be committing to a 120-day test period, however State Farm has made it clear that you can remove yourself from the testing before that time period comes to an end. It was also said that you do not need to be a current State Farm customer to do the testing.

Those considering joining the test phase will need a device with Android 4.0 or later and a car with factory-installed Bluetooth. Those testing will also need to drive a minimum of 500 miles over a 25 day period and you will have to complete a survey after that distance requirement is met. As for the app, this will automatically collect information through your Bluetooth connection. The collected data will include mileage and speed as well as latitudinal and longitudinal g-forces.


The details as to why haven’t really been mentioned, however it is believed that this will be the State Farm answer to what Progressive has with the SnapShot. For those not familiar with SnapShot, that is used to monitor your driving and can potentially reduce your insurance rates. Finally, a limited amount of beta testers will also get a $50 gift card for participation.

Those looking for more information can check out the State Farm RightLane app using this Google Play Store link.

[via Android and Me]