A new app called Start has recently arrived in the Google Play Store. Start is a locks creen replacement app that is touted as being able to provide users with “what matters most to them when they wake up their phone.” The app offers a customizable interface that allows for quick access to everything from calling and messaging to capturing images and launching other apps — all with a “single gesture.”

The folks at Start mention how users look at their start screen almost 120 times per day, which just goes to say users will likely want something that better fits their needs. Not to mention, something that looks good. Along with the options to customize the access to apps — Start also allow the user to customize the look.


The app includes “hundreds” of themes and plugins. Start also works with your native phone security setup. Other feature highlights include being able to get a view of your social networks from the start screen, being able to choose and customize widgets, search the web from the start screen, and “better performance.”

Bottom line here, Start is another option users have to customize their lock screen. We’ve seen similar offerings in the past, but Start is available for any and all that want to give it a try right now. Or on other words, Start is launching without any sort of private beta status (unlike some of the others we’ve seen). Plus, Start is available for free.


Start for Android can be found in the Google Play Store.

VIA: The Next Web

SOURCE: Celltick



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