If you love music and you love your coffee chains, then you’ll be happy to know that two of your favorite things are collaborating to give you a special mobile music experience. Starbucks and Spotify, the two favorite S brands for some people, announced their partnership that promises to bring a “first of its kind” experience for those who frequent their local coffee shop and those that rack up hours on the music streaming service.

The new Starbucks music platform can be found within the Starbucks Mobile app and you can use it to find out what’s the song playing right now at the coffee shop (sort of like Songza or Sound Hound, but specific for Starbucks). And if you like that song, you can actually save it to your personal playlist on Spotify. Starbucks also now has its own channel on Spotify, where you can listen not just to their newest playlists but also to the most popular music from the past 20 years. Both the free and premium Spotify users can access these playlists.

Because both brands also want to help musicians reach their market, Starbucks will be highlighting specific artists, both popular ones and new voices, in the Starbucks app. This will be a weekly feature and includes curated playlists featuring these artists. They also have a partnership with PlayNetwork CURIO, a hardware device that brings branded entertainment to places like Starbucks.

According to Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, this is a merging of the physical and digital musical experience. It is also giving more control into the consumers’ hands while at the same time, bringing a wider audience not just to Spotify but to the musicians themselves. Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify believes that this experience will give users more chances to discover music that is similar to the music that they already enjoy.

SOURCE: Starbucks/Spotify