If you’re a huge fan of the Starbucks experience (both the coffee and just the brand itself), then you probably would want to go to your Google Play Store and install this new app immediately. The Starbucks Keyboard is now available so you can have more coffee-related conversations with your friends on your various messaging platforms. The keyboard will not necessarily make a major improvement in your digital life, except now you have lots of coffee stickers and pictures.

Because a lot of conversations are now being done through GIFs and emojis, it’s only natural to see brands and developers come up with various keyboards with all their own stickers and stuff. And if you’re a coffee addict and a Starbucks devotee to boot, then the Starbucks Keyboard is a must-have. It has all kinds of coffees like Frappuccinos, iced coffee, the iconic cups, iced tea, etc. Plus you even have cats sipping coffee, smiley faces getting their caffeine on, and yes, an actual purple unicorn with sip face.

The pictures can be used with some of the most messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, etc. While the concept is cute in itself (well, if you like coffee and Starbucks), the pictures don’t really show up as emojis but rather a bit pixilated pictures. It also still crashes a bit, so maybe this means there will still be time to fix it.

However if you can’t wait to have it despite its flaws, you can download the Starbucks Keyboard from the Google Play Store for free.

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SOURCE: Starbucks