If you have an Android device and do not know what a “tower defense” game is, then this post might not be for you. Then again, if you are a Star Wars fan (we realize these two might not necessarily be inclusive of each other), you might want to check this new game out. Star Wars: Galactic Defense is very much a Star Wars take on the classic tower defense game format. And it’s fun.

Star Wars mania is totally upon us, and Disney is totally hyping up the marketing machinery – hence the deluge of games that bear the “Star Wars” label. And not unlike the Star Wars: Commander strategy game that we recently reviewed, you get to pick sides – whether you side with the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial forces. Choosing a side will dictate some gameplay aspects and the heroes you can use.


Bottom line, it’s still a tower defense game, and you still need to strategize what turrets and upgrades you need to field in a specific level. The game also has references both to the classic Star Wars and the prequel movies – so balance of good and bad, you see (*wink wink*).


The game is a free download from the Google Play Store – check out the source link – with in-app purchases. If you like tower defense games, you should give this a try for some variety – we know good TD games are hard to find. If you’re a Star Wars fan, add this to the gamut of Star Wars games you’ve already collected.

SOURCE: Google Play Store