We’re just a couple of days away from the Star Wars juggernaut once again hitting our movie screens, but our mobile devices are no exemption from all the fun shenanigans. If you’re the owner of a Pixel or a Pixel 2 smartphone (or you’re planning to get one), your life just got a bit more fun, and not just Star Wars-wise. They’re introducing Augmented Reality Stickers for these phones Made by Google so you can add these virtual characters and emojis to your photos and videos as you send them to your loved ones.

The AR stickers aren’t life-changing of course, but isn’t it amazing that you can now add BB-8, a stormtrooper, or a porg when you’re posing for pictures or taking a video? That’s what your Pixel or Pixel 2 will be able to do now, not just with characters from a galaxy far, far away, but even with the lovable kids (and monsters) from Netflix’ Stranger Things. You can also use Foodmoji and 3D text stickers, and since New Year’s is a few weeks away, you get AR champagne and balloons.

Just open your camera app, go to the AR stickers mode, choose a sticker pack (you’ll want to choose Star Wars: The Last Jedi, trust us), and then drop them onto the scene as you plan to make your photo or video. You can move the elements around, resize and rotate them, and they’ll even interact with the other characters in the scene. Once you’re okay with the postings, just take the photo or video and share them with friends.

There are also lots of other new things with your Pixel device, like Google Lens, an enhanced Google Assistant, SmartSelect, etc. The AR stickers are now rolling out to Pixel users and Google promised to release more sticker packs in the next few months.

SOURCE: Google