Some people say that we spend too much time looking at our screens and not enough time observing the things around us, like nature, the flowers, the stars, etc. But what if you could combine both (well, at least the stars part)? What if your screen, in this case your smartphone or tablet, can actually help you appreciate the skies more? This is precisely what the Star Walk 2 app is trying to do, both for the seasoned astronomers and for newbies who want to learn more about the skies at night.

The sequel to the highly praised app is once again chockful of new features and lessons, coupled with live tracking form over 8,000 satellites, and all the information you’d need to call yourself a budding astronomer or to enhance your already existing hobby. It is also the first astronomy guide that has three-dimensional models of planetary nebulae and has all 88 of the officially recognized constellations. Simply hold your pbonee up to the sky and the built-in gyroscope will point you to which direction the stars, the ones you’re seeing on your screen, are located from where you are at that moment.

Not only will it show you the stars, the app will also give you lessons on how myth and history are strongly connected to astronomy. Just like a weather app, it will also give you “accurate daily data” about the moon and its phases, sunset and sunrise times, and elevation of planets. If you’re also curious what the sky will look like a year or so from now, the app can also give you that. You can also use it together with your telescope because its night-time soft red mode will still you give the nighttime vision.

You can buy Star Walk 2 from the Google Play Store for just $2.99. A word of warning: there are in-app purchases available, including 3D models of planetary nebules, constellations, satellites, planets, comets, asteroids, etc, and it will be quite a temptation to buy them.