Just yesterday we were talking about finding good deals on tablets but this $100 off coupon from Staples puts the rest to shame. Currently Staples is offering $100 off any tablet in-store only. They are excluding a few non Android tablets like the HP TouchPad but those don’t concern us.

One of our loyal readers dropped this little tip in our inbox this morning along with news he bought the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with his coupon. Now this coupon you see above just needs to be printed and brought with you to any retail staples. The deal is in-store only and one per day, but you can always go back tomorrow and get another for the kids or girlfriend.

The ASUS Transformer is only $399 at Staples so this can score you that awesome tablet for only $299 making it one sweeeeet deal. Other tablets cost a little more especially if you want the 32GB variants but $100 off sure makes it easier right. For those that still can’t afford to join the Honeycomb tablet party at this time feel free to enter our final Tabletpalooza Giveaway as this is the last week to enter.

[via Staples] –Thanks Toby G