We didn’t expect this one but apparently, a lot of PlayStation users are waiting for the messaging feature within the PlayStation app. Being on the PlayStation Network is made more fun and easier now with the messaging app. Feel free to connect with other players and your friends. The idea is more than just a new feature. It’s standalone messaging app so we’re assuming this is something like the Facebook Messenger which works separately from the main Facebook app.

Go the the regular PlayStation App and you’ll see a special interface for messages. Feel free to send messages to your contact. Send an invitation or message to gather a team so you could play with them online. This separate app is easy to use with its more streamlined design and alphabetical listing of friends. You can also view or sort by online status, show Favorite groups, and more. And just like the FB Messenger, you can send voice messages, attach files, and use stickers among others.

With PlayStation Messages, you can see who among your PlayStation friends are online. Start or join a favorite group right on your smartphone. Feel free to discuss or review the games even when you’re not logged into your PS4 system. Check who is online, games currently being played, and send text or voice message. There’s no minimun hardware or software requirement but you need an account to get into and connect to the PlayStation Network.

Download PlayStation Messages from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: PlayStation


  1. Messaging was already in the main app but they removed it to make this and made this one faster and smoother, so it’s all good. Kinda like what FB did.


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