stage dive legends

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a rock star someday and you know it will never come true, play the new game Stage Dive Legends. At least in this game, you’ll get to experience being one complete with all the rock concert tours, guitar smashing, crazy stunts, and of course, stage dive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Berlin, London, New York, or Paris. This rock star saga will make you experience the life of a popular musician. No, the challenge isn’t about having to compose new songs, sing, or play music. All you need to do is stage dive. You know that special moment when a rockstar has to jump into the crowd (hopefully, not fall on the ground).

Be ready to get carried away, literally by your fans. You are called to do a lot of things: perform stunts, collect coins, and use power-ups. Make sure you avoid bombs, bananas, and burgers thrown your way. Entertain the crazy crowd by doing special tricks and avoiding whatever needs to be avoided.

The game will take you to different concert venues around the globe. Each mission is challenging but can be mastered. Stage Dive Legends game is free but in-app purchases are offered. It’s a simple fast runner game that features a cool soundtrack, rock star customization, and some hard-rocking songs.

With Stage Dive Legends, you can be a rockstar. That dream is achievable now, at least, on mobile. Game also supports other controllers like Playstation, Xbox 360, NVIDIA SHIELD, Moga Pro, Mad Catz M.O.J.O., Samsung Smartphone Gamepad, and many more.

Download Stage Dive Legends from the Google Play Store