Stadia has been gaining momentum steadily since the start of 2020 and now they look to have a good footing in the cloud gaming sphere. A couple of weeks ago they announced new titles for the platform and now more is coming for Pro users. Google has announced another long-anticipated feature – the ability to play games with mobile data rather than just the Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is to head over to the avatar in the top right corner – then select experiments and choose mobile data. Other than that the major announcement is the availability of new games for Stadia Pro members in August.

Coming August 1 are four titles for Stadia – free for existing Pro members. The first one of them is the Strange Bridge cooperative action-adventure title. You can play it with a maximum of four friends – making the journey through the iffy labyrinths dominated by vicious monsters. Of course, you’ll have the prowess to harness traps or steamroll your way through the center of Seteki’s temple.

The second title is Kona – an adventure title that puts you in the role of a detective. You’ll have to grind your wits to solve the strange mystery while keeping the nerve. The game is set in a cold Canadian village where you search for clues amidst the deadly blizzard.

The third title added to Stadia is Metro 2033 Redux– an action first-person shooter having a gripping storyline. In this title, you go through the post-war crusade which challenges your survival skills. The fourth title for the platform is Just Shapes & Beats which is a fun game that tests your reflexes on the beats. Basically, a musical experience that takes you to another world.

Apart from these titles, Stadia will have the boulder-rolling action title Rock of Ages III which will come on August 14. Here you’ll have the opportunity to crush everything in your path and progress across the levels. Along with these new titles, Stadia will bid adieu to free Zombie Army 4: Dead War after the end of this month. It will then only be available for purchase. If you pick up the game before that, as a pro member you’ll get to keep it as long as your subscription lasts.