Searching online in general terms has now attained one word “Googling”. That’s the impact Google has had in the information domain on the planet for the last decade. So it was a bit strange for them not to have a search button on their cloud gaming product – Stadia. Yes, it’s been 526 days since its launch, and until today, Stadia didn’t have a way to search through the library of games on its ever-growing community of gamers. There are roughly over 170 games on Stadia, and this new addition brings relief for users who always wanted this feature.

The search bar will be available to users worldwide in a phased manner, with all of them getting it by the end of this week. Before this users had to painstakingly scan through the ever-increasing library (over 100 games coming in 2021) to land on their favorite title – not something that one would associate with a Google product.

16 months henceforth, the search bar is delightfully coming to Stadia with autocomplete suggestions, something that should have been there from day 1. It should be noted, the new search bar will be updated for the Web and not on the app.

Along with this, Stadia will also get sorting feature for web client for tracking purchased/free Stadia Pro games. The titles can be filtered according to the genre or other filtering elements like popularity or rating.

More features are coming to Stadia as confirmed by the official blog post – like the activity feed for viewing games your buddies are playing or the interesting content shared by them. Players will also be able to delete captures in bulk and have the ability to access Stadia via an Android web browser.