Humble Bundle, there’s a new kid in the game and they’re virtually coming for you. StackSocial is offering a very special pay-what-you-want deal for their Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle. There are seven games available but to get more than two in the bundle, you need to beat the average amount that most people are paying. The other good news is that 10% of what you pay will go to one of three organisations they support.

The 7 games available in the bundle are a mixed bag of mobile games that should appeal to most gamers. Bad Hotel challenges you to build a hotel as fast and as high as you can before it gets destroyed by several “bad” elements like seagulls and yetis. Incredipede is a weird and challenging game where your avatar needs to get to the beam of light at the end of each level but along the way it grows new limbs and muscles until you become a centipede-like creature. Rebuild is a strategy game where the survivors of a zombie apocalypse build a fort and protect it against, you guessed it, zombies.

Savant – Ascent is an action-platformer game where you are the titular Savant and you have to battle robots in order to reclaim your gothic castle. Syder Aracade HD is a “nostalgic” game that will bring you back to the gaming days when blasting aliens in their 8-bit glory was the most fun most of us ever had. In keeping with the space theme, Walking Mars is another alien-centric game but instead of just blasting them to smithereens, you need to go on an actual adventure with puzzle-solving and strategy-building. Lastly, Zombie Gunship lets you gun down those pesky zombies, but not with shotguns but with a heavily-armed AC-130 aircraft because of course, it’s more fun that way.

Right now, the average that you have to beat is just $4.27 but it will probably go higher in the next few days. As we mentioned earlier, 10% of what you pay will go to one of three charities that you can choose from: Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund or Creative Commons. Instead of an app, you will be given a list of APKs so you can install the games manually. The sale will end in 12 days so better make up your mind if you’ll bite.

SOURCE: StackSocial

VIA: Android Police