You think Square Enix and you immediately think Final Fantasy. That’s what you’re getting with “Final Fantasy: Record Keeper”, a nostalgic review of great Final Fantasy series moments. This time though, Square Enix is partnering with DeNA for their “free-to-play” expertise – which is good news for us. This new game is available F2P, that is, free-to-play.

The storyline focuses on your character helping Dr. Mog work out why past glories (in Final Fantasy series history) recorded within paintings are fading. And so you literally jump into paintings and relive these moments. The gameplay is your very familiar Active Time Battle (ATB) system, complete with hero abilities, magic, and limit breaks (yeah!).


Once you beat bosses from Final Fantasy lore, you get the hero of the old game to join you in your team. Which means you can get Cloud Strife (FFVII), Kain (FFIV), and other kick-butt characters of the series to beat the bosses in the other painting panels with you. The bosses get harder as the game progresses, we assume.


After a soft launch in Canada and some other territories, DeNA has announced its general availability in North America. Check the download link below from time to time to see if it is available where you are.

VIA: Droid Gamers