A new app has recently made its way into the Google Play Store and this is one that may be of use for heavy Instagram users. Or maybe more accurately, #Square may be of use to those Instagram users who prefer not to crop the sides of their images to achieve the square format. The app is touted as being a simple photo editor for Instagram and based on the time we have spent playing, that seems to be just about as accurate description as possible.

The #Square app launches to a screen that allows you to either capture a new image or pick one from the gallery. Once you pick the appropriate option based on your needs, you will begin editing the image. You will likely notice the black border sitting on the top and bottom of your image — this is how your image will be squared without being cropped.


Also worth noting, that black border can be changed to just about any color your prefer using the dropper icon in the lower left. The #Square app also allows you to rotate the image and set the border size. And that about sums up the editing ability but remember that description — simple photo editor. The app does what it does and not much else. Anyway, once you have your image squared the way you want you can then send it off to Instagram by tapping the icon in the upper right corner.

Tapping that launches the Instagram app and from there things will be familiar. In addition, the #Square app also allows you to share the image on just about any other service (using the regular Android share menu) or save the image to your gallery. One of the other key points for this app is that you are able to save these images without any reduction in quality.

The save as option offers the option for JPG and PNG and allows you to manually adjust the quality, but the default is to keep the quality the same as the original. In fact, the other claim the #Square app makes is that it “doesn’t mess your photos quality” like some of the competing apps do. Bottom line, if you want to avoid cropping your images for Instagram — the #Square app may be one to check out.

SOURCE: xda-developers, Google Play Store