First Verizon, which was one of the launch partners for the Nexus One, now Sprint. According to Gizmodo, Sprint will opt not to offer support for the Nexus One. I’m not necessarily sold that this is a good move them or not. They sure could use a phone like this in their lineup. Sprint doesn’t exactly have the same assortment of powerful phones as Verizon so this is an odd move for them to make.

This phone paired with the EVO would’ve given Sprint hands down the most powerful Android lineup. This decision may have been made largely because of the fact the EVO is due out soon. When it’s released the EVO will arguably the best phone on the market of any type. Maybe Sprint doesn’t want the Nexus to take potential sales from the EVO? Whatever the reason it would’ve been awesome to see the top vanilla Android device side by side with the top Sense UI device. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Sprint does offer support for the Nexus.