All black, rubber grip on the bottom, smooth glossy plastic around the top and the sides, and it connects to the EVO through BOTH the USB and HDMI (Type D) ports. At the back of the device, micro usb and HDMI (Type A) ports are located for connection to the computer or any other UDB or HDMI equipment you can think of such as a USB wall outlet or HDTV.

The box you purchase this device in includes the docking station, instructions manual, and one long (6 foot!) HDMI (Type A) compatible cable. The dock itself is about 3.8 ounces and the EVO fits in securely – unless, of course, you use some sort of case for your phone, in which case you’ll probably have to pop it out to be able to pop it into here, as there isn’t much room for extras.

[Via Good and EVO]