This can’t come soon enough for most Sprint Hero/Moment users. Since the release of the Droid every Android handset owner wanted to be a part of the Eclair family. Well, it’s been months since the release of the Droid and there are only two Android devices running some version of Eclair. Sit tight Sprint customers because they are still testing 2.1 for their devices and they are getting ready to start pushing out the OTA’s.

The onslaught of 2.1 devices being presented at this years MWC only made Sprint customers more envious of Eclair devices. There has even been a few users that made claims that Sprint doesn’t care about their Android devices. Rest assured Sprint has been listening and they are making an effort to bring 2.1 to all of its Android phones in the early part of Q2. Here is a statement on Sprints twitter page.

“Android update! Upgrades to 2.1 for Hero/Moment now expected early 2Q10. Currently working through options for upgrades w/ HTC and Samsung.”

And a second tweet stated how the OTA’s may be distributed.

“OTA vs. PC-based or in-store upgrade are “still TBD upgrade options” referenced in Android 2.1 tweet (working through w/ manufacturers)”