An internal document was just leaked to the guys over at mobilecrunch. This document states that there will be a companywide meeting that outlines April marketing plans but, rumor has it that this will be no ordinary meeting. Some are calling it a top secret companywide mandatory meeting. The EVO wasn’t specifically mentioned in the document but let’s piece together this puzzle and see what we can make out it.

The other day there was a rumor that BestBuy would start presale of  these devices in the form of  redeemable gift cards that you can use to get the device when it is released sometime shortly after the presale. This April marketing meeting could be to prepare their employees on how to handle this May release. And there are talks of Sprint restructuring their data plan to offer 4G service data plans to their phones. It’s possible that this meeting will just cover new pricing plans and it’s possible that it will cover both. Lucky for us I know a few managers at Sprint and I will be revisiting this post in the coming days after I try to squeeze some information out of them.