So, would you like some kind of confirmation as to when you’re going to get some Android 2.1 goodness on your Sprint Android-based devices? You know the ones: the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. Well, looks like we can finally put ourselves to some type of ease, as we’ve just seen an internal Sprint screenshot that details (without much detail) the upcoming release of the Android 2.1 upgrade.

We can also pretty much confirm that Sprint wanted to give the upgrade to the two Android handsets on its network at the same time. For whatever reason, they apparently wanted to make it reasonably fair for everybody. In any event, as you can see from the images herein, Sprint is saying that the upgrade to Android 2.1 for both the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will be coming in early May. We’ll assume that’s the first week, but we could also see somewhere in the second week, too.

Those of you out there sitting on your hands, waiting every day for some kind of update to hit your phones should probably relax now. You’ve always known the update is coming, but now you can have some solace knowing it won’t be this month. So, start enjoying your phone as they are, because here soon they’re going to get a nice face lift. Excited?

[via AndroidForums]


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