Evernote may be one of the most popular digital note-taking service around, but it is definitely not the only one, nor is it always the best. In some quarters and scenarios, it faces some very tough competition from Springpad. That competition might have become even tougher with the introduction of customized notebooks in the Springpad app for Android and the Web.

Evernote can be thought of to specialize primarily in taking notes, scraps, photos and web clips. Mostly textual content, though, of course, it has support for images and attachments. Springpad, on the other hand, focuses more on the collection of different types of content, from images to movie schedules to online shopping, with a bent towards smart and automated organization. Springpad is now adding even more smarts into that feature by introducing its new customized notebooks, helping its users focus less on organization and more on getting things done.

Customized notebooks are basically notebooks that revolve around a specific theme, with each notebook sporting variations in the interface to support that theme. For example, the Tasks notebook has tabs for All, Today, and Completed tasks and sports a quick text input field instead of the usual Add button. The Movies notebook, on the other hand, automatically sorts out entries according to showing, streaming, and rental categories. And in time for the holiday season, the Gift Planner notebook helps you keep track of gift ideas, which ones need to be bought and which ones have already been purchased. Other customized notebooks include Recipes, For Later (ala Pocket), Work Project, Books, and Home Improvement Projects. Here’s a short video explaining the new features in a bit more detail and with moving images.

The Springpad update is now available on the Web and should be rolling out to Android users already. Those who also use Apple devices might have to wait a bit longer though, as the feature is still marked as coming soon on that platform.

Download: Springpad on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Springpad (1), (2)